New Diet Mountain Dew Flavors: Diet Voltage and Supernova

March 12, 2011

The first post of Rants and Ratings!
In this one, I’ll be talking about the new Diet Mountain Dew flavors!
On March 6th, 2011, Pepsi decided to release their two new Diet Dew flavors to stores everywhere. 2 summers ago, they had a flavor called “Ultraviolet” which was a delicious purple Diet Dew. But, they decided to DISCONTINUE IT! As a diabetic, I was angered by this, since it was a very flavorful diet beverage that I could enjoy without worrying about spiking my blood sugar. Well, when I heard the news about these 2 new flavors, I rushed to the nearest grocery store and found 12 packs for both flavors (Cub had them on sale for $3 a 12 pack!!)
Ecstatic, I ripped both of them open in my car and tried them both out to determine which one I liked more.

Diet Supernova

The basis of this flavor is “Strawberry Melon” and it has a purple color to it. The taste is similar to that of a snow cone. A bit tangy, but overall pretty delicious. I would say that the Strawberry taste is a bit overshadowed by the Melon taste, but that’s alright with me.

Diet Voltage

Voltage was always a flavor I wanted to try, but since it’s packed with sugar / carbs, it wasn’t a good idea. This was the first flavor I tried in the car, and I pretty much downed the whole can in one gulp. This flavor is DELICIOUS! It reminds me of Jones Soda’s Blue Bubblegum Soda. The basis of this flavor is “Raspberry Citrus” and it has a sky blue color to it. This flavor would be amazing on a hot summer day, and since Spring / Summer is right around the corner, the timing is just right. Also, if you’re into alcohol, if you mix this with Bacardi or Vodka, it tastes perfect.

Final Verdict

Alright Pepsi, since you came out with these new diet flavors, I forgive you for killing off Ultraviolet (…kinda) – Overall, i’d say that Diet Voltage takes the victory. After I post this i’ll be heading to http://www.fandewmonium.com to place my official vote. Everything about Diet Voltage is just, better compared to Supernova. Although it’d be awesome if both flavors could stay on the market, since the variety of diet beverage options is minimal.

What do you think?

Diet Voltage: 5
Diet Supernova: 3.5 stars



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